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CMN NAVAL have performed major contracts for NATO and non-Nato navies, thanks to its 360° offer and qualified staff and facilities in the United Kingdom, France, and Germany. Together they have designed, engineered and built some of the world’s most successful and recognized ships, such as the recently launched “Sailing Yacht A” and SA’AR 6 program with TKMS. These remarkable projects have allowed CMN NAVAL to continue pushing the boundaries of innovation and the confidence of its stakeholders. That makes the group a world leader in its line of business, able to respond to any of its client’s requirements.

Ancillary to its shipbuilding activities, the group is increasingly involved in environmental issues. The Group’s R&D focuses on Marine Renewable Energies such as the hydrokinetic and tidal turbine industry.

Today, the group maintains a strong order book and currently working on several new projects, including new builds for navies, public authorities and superyacht owners, EEZ-integrated surveillance and protection systems, refits for naval vessels and superyachts and other shipbuilding associated services.

CMN - Constructions Mécaniques de Normandie

Shipyard - France

Constructions Mécaniques de Normandie (CMN) is a French shipyard located in Cherbourg.

It employs approximately four hundred employees. Since its foundation in 1945, the shipyard has delivered over 350 vessels. It is part of the CMN NAVAL group.

The construction is done entirely under covered halls (48,000 square meters of covered facilities), on a total surface of 110,000 square meters. The site has significantly sized building sheds, one of 161m x 22M, and another of 80m x 22m, a slipway for vessels under 700 tons, and a 3000-tonne Syncrolift (lift area of 32m x 90m).


German Naval Yards

Shipyard - Germany

The Yard’s main business field is the design and construction of large naval vessels, such as frigates, corvettes, and offshore patrol vessels.

German Naval Yards Kiel possesses the largest dry dock in the Baltic Sea region (426 meters in length) as well as a crane with a lifting weight of up to 900 tons.



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