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It has been proven that a good maintenance practice extends any naval ship’s operational hours and service life. Navies across the globe are relying on us to keep their fleets available and reliable 24/7. We specialise in providing turnkey solutions with application software, comprehensive database preparation, data entry, installation, commissioning and training services.

Our Integrated Logistics Support programmes aim to plan and provide plans, documentation, management systems, training, tools and test equipment to ensure the continued availability and capability of the equipment throughout its design life.

In addition, we have completed multiple Transfer of Technology programs worldwide, helping navies bring back the know-how to their local economy and help maintain their fleet through our range of services.

Integrated Logistics Support

The through-life support cost of a sophisticated naval ship is likely to be much greater than the capital cost of the ship. Sir Joseph Isherwood Limited (Isherwoods), a CMN NAVAL subsidiary provides integrated systems designed to maximise ship availability while minimising the budgetary cost of the support provision.

Isherwoods can provide clients with the systems needed to control both maintenance costs and spare parts inventory levels.

Transfer of Technology

Transfer of Technology programs (TOT) benefits local governments and their fleets’ lifecycle. ToT helps create local jobs and knowledge. CMN NAVAL has completed successful ToT programs around the world, including Germany, Greece, Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, and Oman.

Our ToT programmes are generally divided into eight main elements as follows:

  • Yard Upgrade for Construction
  • Technical Data Package
  • Ship Construction–Training
  • Technical Assistance
  • Material Transfer
  • Combat System Technology
  • Integrated Logistics Support
  • Configuration Management

Refit & Conversion

The group’s joint know-how in Germany and France has made it possible to carry out some of the most complex projects in the ship refit and conversion business. With covered dock halls and workshops, the work is performed in a protected environment, improving both the efficiency and quality of the work. In addition to refit and conversion services, we also provide professional access to service and maintenance programmes, classification services, stability calculations, commissioning, modifications, ship repairs and upgrades.

Combat System Integration

CMN NAVAL is developing technologically advanced combat solutions that focus on advanced automation to reduce the number of crew and leave routine surveillance tasks to automated systems.

These solutions include: 

  • Combat Management System
  • Surveillance/Sensor Systems
  • UAV/UUV Integration

Stealth Technology

Our in-house design and engineering teams are responsible for our entire product line and one of the most critical design elements is to study the influence of Radar Cross-Section (RCS) on the vessel’s hull and superstructure. Stealth design is considered crucial to the vessel’s survival, and it is essential to avoid detection and increase the efficiency of the platform’s sensors and jamming devices.

Facilities Management

CMN NAVAL’s discipline and straightforward management ensures the functionality of the built environment by integrating people, place, process and technology.

Whether through a transfer of technology programme or a new development, CMN NAVAL’s discipline and straightforward management ensure the built environment’s functionality by integrating people, place, processes and technology. We offer management support, safety, and sustainability of buildings, grounds, infrastructure, and real estate for shipyards worldwide.


CMN NAVAL training programmes are extremely broad–ranging and can cover all aspects of naval ship repair and engineering training. As a result, these services can fully contribute to a partnership with the client navy to ensure that personnel elements of through-life support are fully met.

On-going training programmes can also be provided, either in Europe or the client’s country to cover ship repair training and familiarisation training for the crews of any ship in the client’s naval fleet.

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