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CMN NAVAL’s products range from 15-meter high-speed interceptors to frigates of over 130 meters.

In the last eight decades, CMN NAVAL has delivered more than 3,500 vessels and supported 48 navies around the world.

We are combining the group’s proven shipbuilding technologies with innovation to continuously push the boundaries of shipbuilding and to lead the world of shipbuilding for generations to come shipbuilder.

The group comprises modern facilities and shipyards across Europe with locations in France, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

High-Speed Interceptors

The high-speed interceptor vessels are designed and built to support a wide range of missions conducted by naval and special operations forces. The vessels are designed to conduct sea strike operations, SAR, maritime security, sea safety, convoy protection, sea policing, anti-piracy, protection of vulnerable vessels and offshore installations, and control illegal immigration, trafficking and smuggling.

Long-range Surveillance Vessel Line

The OCEAN EAGLE 43 is an ocean patrol trimaran combining a slender hull with two small floats that provide the required platform stability.

This combination reduces fuel expenditure and increases speed and autonomy while ensuring a good level of comfort even in moderate to rough sea conditions.

The Ocean Eagle 43 MH is the mine hunting version of the Ocean Eagle 43.

Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV)

The Vigilante-class Offshore Patrol Vessel is designed for coastal and open sea multiple missions. The new generation of the Vigilante-class is based on the same hull lines as the “Vigilante 400” class, a proven P400 Offshore Patrol Vessel already delivered to numerous global navies.

High–Speed Assault Boat (HSAB)

The HSAB 32 is part of the CMN’s Sea Proven High–Speed Interceptor Family. She is designed as a high-speed stealth craft, able to perform the tasks required of a High–Speed Assault Boat mission profile.

The missions include maritime police and security operations, power projection, general assault operations, surveillance and reconnaissance, support to naval special operation forces, and anti-piracy and terrorism.

Fast Missile Craft

The Fast Missile Craft family is an evolution of our Combattante III class and is a Fast Attack Long-Range Craft. The vessel is designed for littoral warfare defence operations against air and surface threats, patrolling tasks, law enforcement and ISR missions.


The Baynunah and C92 corvettes are ocean-capable vessels used for missions such as anti-piracy, sea control and denial, combat, counterterrorism, drug interdiction and anti-smuggling operations, oil and gas platform protection, search and rescue, fisheries protection, environmental protection, and humanitarian support.



Length: 118 m (387 ft)
Beam: 14.80 m (49 ft)
Draught: 4.3 m (14 ft)
Speed: 32 knots (59 km/h)
Range: 6,000 nm
Engineered by TKMS and built by GNYK

Products and activities related to shipbuilding

Nuclear plants mainteance

CN has 30 years+ expertise and reference in maintaining nuclear plants in France.


CMN NAVAL has built some of the world’s largest and most iconic superyachts.


Sailing Yacht A


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