Art runs deep in our shipbuilding culture

Shipbuilding and Art are usually not associated, but they have much in common. We have worked with many local and international artists during the last two decades, including Frank Stella and Anilore Banon.

At CMN NAVAL, we take pride in our art culture and are pleased to invite all artists inspired by shipbuilding, from the smell of a fresh weld to the heart and sweat that goes into these magnificent vessels.

If you have a project or are interested in more information, click here to contact our Shipbuilding and art specialist. In the meantime, we leave you with the most recent Art created at CMN NAVAL.


This major work of Art, entitled “The Braves” on the mythic Omaha Beach in Normandy, comprises a set of three monumental sculptures in homage to courage. “The Braves” became the official sculpture of the 60th-anniversary commemoration of the World War II Normandy landings. The sculptures are still visible on the site of Omaha Beach, and on high tides, the sea comes across the sculpture.


A majestic statue by one of the greatest contemporary artists, the American Frank Stella, adorns the courtyard of the Cherbourg shipyard. A vertiginous aluminium ribbon catches the eye of anyone walking along the Boulevard Félix-Amiot. A breath of poetry amidst the hulls of longliners, trawlers and patrol boats. It is signed by an American, a great contemporary artist: Frank Stella, born in 1936. it was designed for a baseball stadium in Miami.

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