CMN NAVAL’s facilities and shipyards are located in France, Germany and the United Kingdom. CMN NAVAL has delivered more than 3,500 vessels and provided support to 48 navies around the world. Products range from 15-meter high-speed interceptors to frigates.

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CMN NAVAL has always been known for its innovative approach to shipbuilding. We not only build ships, but also trusted partnerships with our customers by carefully listening to their individual needs and requirements.


Today, navies around the world are facing new challenges that demand innovative designs and incorporating state-of-the-art technologies and weapon systems. CMN NAVAL thrives on the challenge of designing and delivering highly capable platforms and systems that meet these requirements. We will continue to push boundaries and take on new challenges as we build for generations to come.

We have been doing this for more than 200 years and are continuously pushing the boundaries to become the world’s most advanced and sustainable shipbuilder. We continue to look forward and take on new challenges as we build for generations to come.

Innovation LAB

Rich in history, values and know-how, we know at CMN NAVAL that the world is changing and that our clients‘ challenges are evolving. We are committed to innovation and expanding our product range and solutions to meet our customer’s unique needs.

The search for speed through the development of new hulls and lightweight structures, the integration of increasingly complex combat systems, and the reduction of radar equivalent surfaces have long been at the heart of our research programmes in the military field.

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